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The company you form is more important than you realise. you need a company to suit your needs, formed by professionals


  • Our interactive ordering effectively gives you choices other providers of companies don't. We explain the choices in the simplest terms we can and you will see your order change depending on the choices you make.

The company package includes all supporting documents to form the company. To form the company in one step please download a company participant form for each officeholder and shareholder of the proposed company to complete before submitting your order.

Our price is $550 plus the $412 registration fee payable to ASIC ($1017.00 including GST). We offer secure payment by MASTERCARD or VISA in to our trust account online. 

Set up a family discretionary trust

The Somerville Legal family discretionary trust deed has evolved over twenty years. It is in plain English and reflects considered positions on income equalisation, streaming, ranges of beneficiaries, bank and investment powers, perpetuities, fairness and estate planning. It also contains provisions that are in accordance with the recent Bamford decision in the High Court.

Our competitive price of $480 excludes any applicable state stamp duty. We offer secure payment by MASTERCARD or VISA in to our trust account online.

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